October was a lost in thought month. A lightning fast month. One minute I’m counting to sevens and the next I’m falling asleep on the Metro North, wondering if I’d packed enough layers. A group of friends and I snuck into Sleepy Hollow Cemetery after dark and drank hot whiskey out of thermoses and I lugged around 3 cameras but ended up with only a single spooky polaroid. The Uber driver who picked us up from a crevice of the graveyard at 2am was delightfully confused by our hi-jinx, we concurred. I took another long train ride to the edge of Queens to wander a magical prophouse and daydream with Karen. I stuffed my Alice dress into a tiny suitcase and spent a week in my hometown, watching children playing dress up and running wild with sugar. I passed the time playing card games with my brother and mucking through the forest in plastic boots, breathing in the smell of rain and dirt. I tried my best to mix things up back in New York, but I’m still ending up on rooftops with strangers and forgetting everyone’s name.


Spent the last of New York's good weather in Los Angeles, hiking and drinking and making art in the sunshine. I spent a lot of time alone, and a lot of time with strangers, and a lot of time with Cara. I was mostly moving, moving, moving, between Airbnb’s while my mind jumped from one photograph to the next. Not too fast to second guess, but enough to leave me sleepless. I feel ageless, feel seventeen years old. Up at the crack of dawn until the crack of dawn, still not tired but losing my mind a little. I can’t stop making strangers apartments my home. After a week I know how I like to arrange the pillows on their couches. I make a routine around their neighborhood. I hang my coats next to theirs and feel a little larger, expanded, like I’ve always belonged here. I spent three days in Las Vegas drinking wine from a box and sneaking into pools and not gambling. Three days gawking at the gaudy lights and laughing. Nonstop until I was back at JFK, twice as much luggage as I’d left with. It’s cold in New York.