October was a lost in thought month. A lightning fast month. One minute I’m counting to sevens and the next I’m falling asleep on the Metro North, wondering if I’d packed enough layers. A group of friends and I snuck into Sleepy Hollow Cemetery after dark and drank hot whiskey out of thermoses and I lugged around 3 cameras but ended up with only a single spooky polaroid. The Uber driver who picked us up from a crevice of the graveyard at 2am was delightfully confused by our hi-jinx, we concurred. I took another long train ride to the edge of Queens to wander a magical prophouse and daydream with Karen. I stuffed my Alice dress into a tiny suitcase and spent a week in my hometown, watching children playing dress up and running wild with sugar. I passed the time playing card games with my brother and mucking through the forest in plastic boots, breathing in the smell of rain and dirt. I tried my best to mix things up back in New York, but I’m still ending up on rooftops with strangers and forgetting everyone’s name.