I will not be missing January. This month I found it harder to get out of bed than most months. But I tore my freezing toes out and kept creating and I guess I’m proud of that, even if I spent too many self-indulgent days taking self-portraits in my underwear and forgetting to answer my phone. They’re still digging a foundation in the empty plot across my street, I'm really worried about what they’re going to build and how tall. Ever since they condemned and disassembled the old apartment building that used to sit there we can just barely see the needle of the Empire State from our bedroom window, just past the big yellow church on Central. It’s nice to have something bright to focus my eyes on when I’m making my way back to bed at 3am after getting a glass of water. The heat in our apartment is out of control, we have to sleep with our windows open to even it out. About a week ago I kept waking up in the middle of the night and staring at a large full moon framed perfectly in our window, and became too entranced to fall back asleep and yet still too tired to grab my camera. I feel like I watched the clouds filter past for hours but maybe it was only minutes. This pretty well encompasses my interaction with the world this month; from a far, with great intrigue. Here are some fragments of my January: